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Agile HR

The new world of work requires a more agile way of looking after your people.

HR where people come first

A profound shift is occurring in the approach to people management in enterprises.


Traditional HR practices are not suitable for Agile teams and the fast-paced business environments of today.

Designed for HR professionals and leaders in Lean-Agile environments.

This one-day introductory course, provides a high-level understanding of Agile methodology and it's impact on HR. 


You'll learn why Agile is instrumental in creating a more stable, responsive and successful organisation.

Learn about the new world of work, Agile foundations, Agile HR concepts, practical case studies, and applying Agile values to HR practices in our Agile HR Explorer course.


One day of Agile HR content made for today's world of work.


Delivered in person 


Key modules covering agile values and principles applied in HR.


 ONLY $00.00

Free EBook

  • 7 Steps to Agile HR

Adaptive Organisations

Embrace the future of work as it's unfolding today

Explore the disruptive revolution of work, gain insights into the New World of Work, delve into Agile Foundations, and acquire essential knowledge to confidently navigate the agile landscape.

Transform HR Practices with Agile Principles

Unleash Agile HR's true potential by understanding its meaning, differentiating Agile4HR from HR4Agile, applying knowledge through practical case studies, and receiving expert guidance to align agile principles with HR practices for transformative organisational change.

People over process

Explore the impact of the latest work revolution on organisations and HR, and receive practical guidance for applying Agile values and principles to various HR practices.

Adaptive Organisations

Meet your Agile HR coach

Twenty2 Collective Director Marcus Ward is an accredited Agile Leadership Journey™ guide. Marcus is a Principal Business Agility Coach with 20 years experience and a background in Strategic Problem Definition and Solution Delivery through Agile/Waterfall Portfolio, Program and Change Management.


Improve effectiveness

Develop the growth mindset of an agile leader and shape culture. 



Agile Leadership Journey™ has a well-established and trusted world curriculum.


Be a better leader

 Improve focus, creativity, collaboration, adaptability, and influence. 


Effective tools

The Agile Leadership Compass™ provides direction and orientation for leaders.

Some of the clients we've helped


The key learning experience from Agile HR

  • Embracing the Work Revolution: Delve into the Latest Paradigm Shift in Work and Its Disruptive Influence on Organizations and HR.

  • Essential Agile Insights: Unveiling the Origins, Values, Principles, and Core Concepts of Agile.

  • Introduction to Agile HR: Unraveling the Significance of Agile HR and the Distinction between Agile4HR and HR4Agile.

  • Real-Life Scenarios: Compelling Case Studies to Facilitate the Application of Acquired Knowledge

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Upcoming Events

  • Agile Leadership Journey $1900 AUD - Dec 11
    Agile Leadership Journey $1900 AUD - Dec 11
    Mon, Dec 11
    Virtual Facilitated Learning Journey
    Dec 11, 9:00 AM GMT+8 – Dec 15, 9:00 AM GMT+8
    Virtual Facilitated Learning Journey
    Dec 11, 9:00 AM GMT+8 – Dec 15, 9:00 AM GMT+8
    Virtual Facilitated Learning Journey
    Improving organisational effectiveness by developing more adaptive leaders. The focus of this workshop is guided by the Agile Leadership Compass to develop new thinking and behaviors in leaders.
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