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HR Agility and Design Thinking

A two-day workshop with global thought leader and author Natal Dank
Perth | 28 & 29 February 2024



Hosted by Natal Dank,
Agile HR Pioneer

Join this exclusive opportunity to experience Agile HR in action over two days.  Learn directly from Natal, a global thought leader and author, while solving a real business problem to advance Agile in your workplace. 

Early Bird: $1497 - Expires Jan 22 2024

Regular price: $1997


A Perth first: Experience Agile HR in action

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Natal explains what
HR  professionals
can expect

This workshop is based on her book, "Agile HR: Deliver Value in a Changing World of Work."

A first for the Perth market, it will be the perfect way for individual and whole HR teams who want to learn together and increase their team’s impact.



What clients are saying 

"Natal and PXO Culture helped our team think differently about the problems we face and opportunities that exist"

Adam Hepton | Sky Betting and Gaming

Purpose Studio, Perth
Tuesday 28 and
Wednesday 29 February 2024.

Early Bird Price: $1497. Expires January 22 2024
Regular price: $1997

Author of "Agile HR: Delivering Value in a Changing World of Work"

Natal Dank 

Recognised as a pioneer in Agile HR and business agility, Natal heads up Learning, Consultancy & Coaching and is the Chief Trendwatcher at the HR Trend Institute and is Co-Owner and director of PXO Culture. 


Following decades working in senior Human Resources (HR), Talent and Organisational Development roles, Natal coaches clients across all industries, from innovative tech companies, to not-for-profit, to global banks, in how to develop amazing employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for your people and organisation. In 2016 Natal hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London with the aim of building a community of like-minded disrupters, which has since grown into a movement reshaping the global HR profession. In 2020 Natal published the book, Agile HR: Delivering Value in a Changing World of Work. Natal’s work focuses on defining modern HR for the 21st Century. Natal holds a Masters in Adult Education, Organisational and Workplace Learning, plus Honours in Economics Social Science. She is certified by the CIPD, the British Psychological Society and in numerous Agile qualifications and roles.

Business Agility Coach, Ways of Working Authority and Twenty2 Collective Founder

Marcus Ward 

Marcus is a renowned Principal Business Agility Coach with 20 years’ experience and a background in Strategic Problem Definition and Solution Delivery. 

Marcus has established and worked within multiple transformational initiatives accross national and mult-national organisations. Marcus is the founder of Perth-based Agility company Twenty2 Collective which has inspired more than 6000 agile learning journeys worldwide. He is also Australia's only accredited coach in Lean Agile Procurement and is regularly invited to participate as a keynote speaker at global events, including the World Agility Forum.

For all HR professionals from executive to officer level. 

Purpose Studio, Perth
28 and Wednesday 29 February 2024.

Day one

The first day of the Agile HR course focuses on two main areas: understanding what Agile HR is and exploring HR agility in action. In the section on "What Agile HR is," participants are introduced to the key concepts of Agile HR, tailored for HR and People professionals. This part of the course emphasizes the importance of translating the Agile mindset, along with its tools and techniques, into the context of HR, People, and organizational change. It highlights Agile as a strategic response to the complexities and disruptions in the modern business world. Additionally, there is a significant focus on the role of HR in promoting business agility and the need for modernizing HR practices to keep pace with these changes. The "HR Agility in Action" segment is structured around Natal’s People Playbook, which incorporates five Agile principles. These principles include viewing the employee experience as a product (Product-led), shaping the employee experience like a customer journey (Human-centric Design), and employing a multidisciplinary approach through T-shaped people in T-shaped teams. The course also emphasizes the importance of Experimentation in co-creating the employee experience through prototyping and testing. Lastly, it stresses the need to Deliver with Impact by prioritizing and measuring the effectiveness of the employee experience initiatives to ensure they deliver significant value.

Day two

On the second day of the Agile HR course, participants engage in a design thinking sprint, applying Agile concepts to a real HR and business problem. The day is structured to provide a hands-on experience, emphasizing practical application and teamwork. The session begins with teams researching a specific business challenge, identifying employee pain points, and formulating problem statements. This phase is crucial for setting the foundation for the day's activities. Following this, participants move into an ideation phase, where they gather insights, identify patterns, and design a prototype for their solution. The latter part of the day is dedicated to learning about hypothesis formulation and experiment design. This involves creating and testing workplace-based experiments to validate the proposed solutions. The day concludes with a reflective learning retrospective, where teams discuss their experiences and develop an actionable plan to implement Agile HR practices in their respective workplaces.

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