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Communication’s overrated...

Thanks Therese for your #minutewithmarcus question today. “Marcus, I’m feeling overwhelmed with all these agile meetings is there an agile framework out there where don’t need to communicate so much?” I’m sure this one will get some interesting responses from my followers but here’s my take. what’s one of the number one challenges for project failure, lack of communication. Let’s check back to our reference point for any agile way of working “the manifesto“ two of the values discuss individuals and interactions and customer collaboration, finally there’s a great principle about business people and developers working together daily so unfortunately Therese, no there’s not. However I can empathise with where you’re coming from, with any agile adoption we do see more interaction and naturally see it as a burden but in a complex environment frequency of communication is the difference between success and failure. I would take a slightly different tact and look at your current agile meetings to see what information is being provided there and do we need to improve that for you and then what other meetings you have and whether they are still all justified. This is something we unpack a lot in our training courses to understand the importance of personal agility. Hope this helps Therese and good luck!

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