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The Product Owner

Today’s #minutewithmarcus is thanks to Adele from Sydney. Adele had some great questions for me yesterday on the role of a product owner. For me the product owner is the voice of the customer and One of three Core Roles in my 3 amigo model. Typically they are Responsible for creating a compelling product vision that is executable. Other responsibilities include curating and prioritizing the Product Backlog, spending their time with customers and stakeholders, and working closely with the team. It’s also where good coaches should focus more attention as it’s not the easiest role to transition to and often needs help in managing those many stakeholder voices. Im typically running product owner training every 2 months so feel free to join an upcomjng class if you have more questions. If this #minutewithmarcus has enlightened you reach out with your question or to book your complimentary 30 minutes with marcus #coaching #teams #personaldevelopment #technology #businessagility #scrum

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