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The Sprint

Thanks Bruce from Singapore for today’s #minutewithmarcus question “Dear Marcus, please can you tell me more about the sprint I keep hearing about?” Thanks Bruce so the term sprint comes from Scrum, essentially it’s a timebox or cycle of time the team work in. I like to think of it like a rugby team on a pitch and the sprints are the metre marks as they work from end to end, the rides being if you ran all 90 yards by yourself you’d be pretty tired but working as a team passing the ball and breaking down the large field into smaller “sprints“ makes it More achievable. I’m always amazed by the energy, focus and teamness that occurs when we intro the sprint. I would also say don’t feel constrained I’ve helped teams deliver sprints from 1 hour to 4 weeks and achieved awesome results across all kinds of work. I even use the sprint concept in all my training breaking it down and doing a level of plan, build, show and reflect. hope this helps Bruce and your ready to go sprinting in our upcoming scrum course.

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