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Stakeholders at Sprint Planning

Thanks Tim from Sydney for your question for #minutewithmarcus today. Tim is the new product owner for the team and asked whether stakeholders should be attending sprint planning. Tim, firstly Thanks so much for your question, secondly welcome to the exciting world of product ownership, this role will grow you in new ways! The product owner to me is the glue that helps protect the team but also filters all the needs of those stakeholders/customers into something meaningful to make decisions for the team. you should be constantly engaging those stakeholders to understand their needs and gathering feedback, but they should not need to be attending your planning sessions. It’s probably a level of detail too much for The stakeholders but also compromises your team. The only occasion I might encourage this would be if you have an executive stakeholder who can maybe introduce the sprint planning with a high level vision. hope this helps Tim and good luck in your new role!

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