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Achieving high performance and happiness.


Twenty2 Collective supports and empowers individuals, teams and organizations to embrace new ways of working and living by providing coaching, training, facilitation and consulting services. Our purpose is to help everyone we encounter to embrace growth and change through transparency, positive mindset and seeing an alternative perspective.

We focus on putting people before process and on coaching over commanding and counselling. If you want to undergo a truly successful transformation you need a trusted advisor who listens and guides you through your journey. Our solutions are designed to help  visualize goals and rapidly achieve them. We help our partners and customers achieve their goals by leveraging a number of innovative education, motivation and application techniques.

To find out more about how you can improve your individual or organization performance and ensure you are set up for success, contact us for a complimentary consultation and the opportunity to contribute and receive information on our high performance survey


Twenty2 Collective was established to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance and happiness


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We are Servant Leaders who seek to help those we encounter and place people first before process or technology.

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From our community to our collective, when people collaborate to solve a common problem the magic happens.

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Our positive resilience allows us to embrace challenge and we will go the extra mile to ensure you achieve your goals.

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We recognise that not everything goes to plan nor is there a one size fits all solution.

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​In a world of complexity, let's not allow language to make life harder, we speak your language and will always look to engage with you in the easiest possible way.


We see a world where individuals visualise and achieve their goals. We see a world where individuals derive joy from their workplaces and are empowered to learn more, lead more and live more. We see a world of individuals with a sense of wholeness, where physical performance and mental performance are intrinsically linked, where learning becomes unlearning and relearning and the ability to find joy in everything they undertake. We see a world where individuals can identify their challenge and goal, visualise their journey towards that goal and upon achieving it are willing to share their journey with others.


We see a world where teams are effective, empowered and efficient in delivering better outcomes for their customers and leaders. We see a world without Silos in organisations, industries, economies or countries. These cross functional teams will align on their purpose and goal and focus on achieving and improving this. We see a world where teams will put culture first, understanding their individual identity, team identity and focus on the highest levels of team interaction.


We see a world where organisations achieve true business agility, they respond to change successfully and are customer centric in every interaction they undertake. We see a world where organisations develop and deliver on bold strategies through responsive people, finance, governance, technology, sales and procurement policies and processes. We see a world where organisations foster inclusive workplaces, adaptive leadership and innovation is part of their DNA. We see a world where organisations see common problems and collaborate to solve these in a meaningful manner.


Finally, we see a world where individuals, teams and organisations are continually achieving high performance and happiness

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