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Agile Coaching Perth

Giving you all the skills you need to improve productivity, collaboration, and maintain continuous improvement within your organisation.

With an extensive background in Team and Leadership Coaching, Twenty2 Collective can help you and your team visualise and achieve your goals through Agile Training.

From an initial coaching session to ongoing continuous workshops to ensure continuous improvement, our Agile Coaches are experts at unlocking the potential of teams and organisations and helping you become self-sustainable in the future.

Contact Twenty2 Collective today to get started!

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Our Approach to Agile Coaching

We take a holistic approach to Agile Coaching, and this allows us to help your organisation in delivering better outcomes across a variety of areas, including:

  • Strategy

  • Operating Model

  • Governance

  • Assurance

  • Benchmarking

  • Framework Design and Implementation

  • Change Management

  • Transformation


From day one, we'll take you on a structured, transformative journey that is designed specifically for your needs. We do this through implementing business agility and Agile ways of working, which fosters collaboration and experimentation to optimise performance and achieve strategic goals.

We'll also implement set Agile steps, which are outlined as:

Start Your Agile Coaching Journey Today

Are you ready to begin your Agile journey? Contact Twenty2 Collective today and follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1. Schedule Your Coaching Session

  2. Complete Your Profile

  3. Start Your Agile Journey

Agile Coaching FAQs

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