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Helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance and happiness.


Twenty2 Collective helps individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance and happiness. We do this through Coaching, Consulting, Training and Facilitating those we work with to visualise and achieve their goals in an agile way.

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Helping individuals and leadership to visualise goals and focus on the path to success.


Twenty2 Collective has coaching in our DNA. With backgrounds in Leadership and Team Coaching through sports and workplaces we bring our depth of experience to help you, your team and organisation to visualise your goals and focus on the path to achieving them. We live by the phrase “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, help a man to fish, feed him for life”. If you want to achieve true performance and happiness, a coach will help you by unlocking your capability.


Our Coaches operate from Individual to Leadership, Team to Organisation level and hold significant experience in multiple industries. Our engagement with you begins with a coaching agreement and identification of measurable results and goals to help you become self-sustaining. Our greatest joy is when we see individuals, teams and organisations operating successfully in their desired state and realising the outcomes initially identified.


Our holistic perspective to consulting allows us to support your organisation in optimising delivery outcomes, faster. Our experienced consultants are committed to helping you across the following areas: 

  • Strategy

  • Operating model

  • Governance

  • Assurance

  • Benchmarking 

  • Framework design and implementation

  • Change management

  • Transformation


Contact us to find out how we can accelerate your journey to agility.

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Building strategy, leading transformations and managing change to support organisational success.

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Empowering organisations and teams to drive better outcomes, by uplifting internal capability.


We believe Facilitation is an essential skill and service to help any team reach alignment and solve problems. Our Certified Facilitators hold years of experience and apply multiple techniques including liberating structures, open space, LEGO serious play, neuro-linguistic programming and playmobil to provide world class experiences.


Living in a world of change we have invested heavily in the ability to run workshops in-person, online and hybrid to cater for all of your working team needs.


Our workshop methodology has been designed to reflect our values and involves a proven three step process to deliver the best outcomes for you and your audience. Our experience spans from teams of 5 to 775 people utilising big room workshop techniques.


Recent workshops have included strategic planning, team building, lessons learned, team identity, innovation labs, problem solving, road mapping, vision setting.


To find out more about our services please reach out today.

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Serious Play enables higher performance by unlocking creativity and promoting innovation. 

To embrace our purpose of achieving high performance and happiness we have always sought opportunities to include aspects of play in our engagements. This is not to be confused with child’s play or fun, we are focused on Serious Play.


Serious Play enables higher performance and unlocks creativity in teams, we have seen this firsthand where teams have achieved new levels of success through identifying and applying play to their work.


We are proud to offer the following play in our services to you

  • Playmobil Pro

  • LEGO serious play

  • Visual facilitation with Bikablo

  • Gamestorming

  • Many other play techniques including paper planes and tennis balls


From coaching to training to facilitation you will experience aspects of play throughout your engagement with us.

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Serious Play enables higher performance by unlocking creativity and promoting innovation. 

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We see a world where organisations achieve true business agility, they respond to change successfully and are customer centric in every interaction they undertake.

We see a world where organisations foster inclusive workplaces, adaptive leadership and innovation is part of their DNA.

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