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About The Collective

Twenty2 Collective was established to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance and happiness. As part of our vision, we see a world where organisations (and people) collaborate to identify opportunities, solve challenges and evoke innovation.

Meet The Collective

Our team is a blend of creative thinkers, strategic planners, and industry innovators. From the visionary leadership to the dynamic individuals who are the backbone of our daily operations, every team member plays a crucial role. Here, you'll get to know the people who bring their expertise, enthusiasm, and unique perspectives to create value for our clients and stakeholders.


Marcus Ward

Marcus is a Principal Business Agility Coach with 20 years’ experience and a background in Strategic Problem Definition and Solution Delivery through Agile/Waterfall Portfolio, Program and Change Management.


Marcus has established and worked within multiple transformational initiatives.

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Tom Davis

Tom Davis is a communications professional specialising in content design and digital editing, focusing on plain English.

Tom helps businesses get clear on communications and connecting to their audiences. He has supported clients like Rio Tinto and Uber for Business, and advises executives during major corporate changes.

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Sandra Arps

Sandra Arps is a highly skilled Non-Executive Director and Director with a wealth of experience establishing and managing successful businesses in Asia. Her expertise lies in innovation and corporate governance, as well as in company establishment, strategy, and leadership.

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Andy Spamer_edited.jpg

Andy Spamer

Andy is an experienced Agile Transformation Coach and Delivery Lead. He has a strong background in both traditional project leadership and Agile scaling frameworks, and has led the introduction of technology programs including software, infrastructure, managed services, and business change on a global level.

He is a skilled communicator and leader with a focus on building a culture of high performance and self organisation.

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Ivan Morales Celis

Iván excels at transforming strategic visions into actionable plans. With deep roots in the public and tech sectors, he's known for bridging strategy and execution. As a forward-thinking leader tuned into industry trends, he's an invaluable asset for organisations aiming for impactful change.

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Mirko Kleiner

Mirko Kleiner is a thought leader in Lean-Agile Procurement, International Speaker, Author, Co-Founder Flowdays, Agile Enterprise Coach, CIPS Award Winner 2018 and Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer. 

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Natal Dank

Natal's passion is helping teams, leaders and brands co-create awesome places to work, where talented people want to be. 

Marcus has established and worked within multiple transformational initiatives.

The key is embracing an Agile mindset and developing an amazing employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for your people and organisation.

Following a career working in senior Human Resources (HR), Talent and Organisational Development roles, Natal is seen as pioneer in Agile HR and People Experience.

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Debby Javeñar.jpg

Debby Javeñar

Debby Javeñar is the Assistant and Operations Coordinator at Twenty2 Collective. A solutions-driven professional with a strong commitment to learning, she specializes in administrative, technical, and clerical skills. Seeking opportunities as a Virtual Assistant Leader or Freelancer, Debby aims to leverage her proven experience to deliver exceptional results for clients.

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Marc Hundleby

Through Visualisation, Training and Coaching, Marc helps you SEE, FEEL and THINK differently.

Unleash your creativity using tools that help you express your ideas and uncover insights from the hearts and minds of those around you.

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Pete Behrens

Pete Behrens guides leaders to transform themselves and their organizations toward agile ways of working and improved outcomes.


​Pete formed the Agile Leadership Journey, a collaborative community of agile leadership educators and guides who share a passion and focused curriculum to align global program design and delivery for clients across a global landscape. 

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Su Ward

Su Ward is the friendly and diligent Head of Finance at Twenty2 Collective, where she manages all aspects of finance and supplier engagement. Su brings a wealth of knowledge and a warm, collaborative approach to her role to keep the Twenty2 Collective engine ticking along.

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