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From our community to our collective, when people collaborate to solve a common problem - the magic happens.


Twenty2 Collective was established to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance and happiness. As part of our vision, we see a world where organisations (and people) collaborate to identify opportunities, solve challenges and evoke innovation.


A place to exchange knowledge and highlight individuals (and organisations) who have partnered with us, supported us and inspired us to learn, unlearn and relearn. A place to share their journey with others and break down silos to achieve high performance and happiness together.

Mirko Kleiner.jpg.png

Mirko Kleiner

Mirko Kleiner is a thought leader in Lean-Agile Procurement, International Speaker, Author, Co-Founder Flowdays, Agile Enterprise Coach, CIPS Award Winner 2018 and Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer. 

Fran Cormac.png

Fran Cormack

An experienced professional coach, mentor, consultant, facilitator and trainer. Fran has over three decades of international experience, across multiple industries.
Operating at all levels of an organisation, his skills include coaching senior leadership teams, executives, and delivery teams on what makes high performing teams, business agility, and adaptive cultures.

Samantha Barr.png

Samantha Barr

From innovation to implementation, we help people and organisations to create products and services that customers really want and gain the Maven advantage from knowing how to successfully scale the changes across their enterprise.

Pete Behrens.png

Pete Behrens

Pete Behrens guides leaders to transform themselves and their organizations toward agile ways of working and improved outcomes.

Pete formed the Agile Leadership Journey, a collaborative community of agile leadership educators and guides who share a passion and focused curriculum to align global program design and delivery for clients across a global landscape. 

Will Webster_1.png

Will Webster

Will Webster is a technical leader who thrives on helping build teams and embedding capabilities required for excellence. Experienced at helping teams embrace devops practices, enabling cloud adoption and breaking down barriers to unlock a team's true potential.

Leaving teams, organisations and clients with a lasting impact and great experience.

Christine Harrison.png

Christine Harrison

Christine Harrison is considered one of the brightest minds in PMO training, Agile coaching and business consulting today. Christine is the author of PIVOT, well-respected speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.

Christine incorporates 3 key aspects; efficiency, creating psychological safety and ensuring a sound base of knowledge from which PMO’s can lead, manage and influence.

Marcus Ward_Twenty2 Collective.png

Marcus Ward

Marcus is a Principal Business Agility Coach with 20 years’ experience and a background in Strategic Problem Definition and Solution Delivery through Agile/Waterfall Portfolio, Program and Change Management.


Marcus has established and worked within multiple transformational initiatives.

Natal Dank.png

Natal Dank

Natal's passion is helping teams, leaders and brands co-create awesome places to work, where talented people want to be.


The key is embracing an Agile mindset and developing an amazing employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for your people and organisation.


Following a career working in senior Human Resources (HR), Talent and Organisational Development roles, Natal is seen as pioneer in Agile HR and People Experience.

Marc Hundleby.png

Marc Hundleby

Through Visualisation, Training and Coaching, Marc helps you SEE, FEEL and THINK differently.

Unleash your creativity using tools that help you express your ideas and uncover insights from the hearts and minds of those around you.

Myles Ogilvie.png

Myles Ogilvie

With over 20 years experience leading change, Myles has a proven track record helping large enterprises successfully adopt lean and agile ways of working.


As a leader and coach Myles has demonstrated effectiveness as a change agent at all levels in blue-chip corporate environments. He is an enthusiastic agilist with practical experience in applying principles to your business context including portfolio governance, risk and regulatory controls and organisational questions.

Jonathan Smart.png

Jonathan Smart

Jon assists organisations across industries to deliver Better Value Sooner Safer Happier. 

Jon has 25+ years' experience of taking and leading an agile approach to change. 

Jon is the founder of the Enterprise Agility Transformation Leaders Network, is a member of the Programming Committee for the DevOps Enterprise Summit, a member of the Business Agility Institute advisory council and the Disciplined Agile advisory council.

Zsolt Berend.png

Zsolt Berend

Zsolt is a business agility practitioner, coach, and trainer.

Having spent twenty years across industry sectors in various roles applying agile and lean practices, mainly in telecom, healthcare, financial services, and consulting, Zsolt is focused on helping glob
al organizations on their journey to achieving Better Value Sooner Safer Happier.


His passion is data, measurements, insights, and the creation of learning organizations.

Bjarte Bogsnes.png

Bjarte Bogsnes

Bjarte has 20 years' leadership experience and 25 years' of Beyond Budgeting experience, having worked in both Finance and HR. He is Chairman of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, and has helped numerous companies globally getting started on their own Beyond Budgeting journey.

"Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential - 2nd edition" (Wiley US 2016) is the story about my on Beyond Budgeting journey.


Jenny Kahn.png

Jenny Kahn

Jenny facilitates transformative programs based a human-centred approach to explore, develop and transform critical success factors for individuals, teams and organisations in order to manage change and realise potential. 

Her background and experience in Change Management, Career Transition Management, IT, Consulting and Psychology enable her to address organisational challenges and initiatives from systemic and interpersonal perspectives.

Andy Spamer.png

Andy Spamer

Andy is an experienced Agile Transformation Coach and Delivery Lead. He has a strong background in both traditional project leadership and Agile scaling frameworks, and has led the introduction of technology programs including software, infrastructure, managed services, and business change on a global level.


He is a skilled communicator and leader with a focus on building a culture of high performance and self organisation.

Premila Jina .png

Premila Jina

Premila is a passionate Design Strategist sparking sustainable growth. Driven by human-centred methodologies, innovation, and service design, shaping captivating narratives and user journeys. Premila uses the power of design thinking to empower diverse organisations, charting a course toward thriving futures.

Ivan Morales Celis.png

Ivan Morales Celis

Iván excels at transforming strategic visions into actionable plans. With deep roots in the public and tech sectors, he's known for bridging strategy and execution. As a forward-thinking leader tuned into industry trends, he's an invaluable asset for organisations aiming for impactful change.

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