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VUCA is the cornerstone for discussion around agility

Today's question comes from Andy in Perth who asks about VUCA...

VUCA stands for: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Despite being heard more and more frequently, the term is not new and dates back to 1987 originally coined by the US War College.

VUCA has become more popular recently and Covid is a great example of VUCA at it's best... I read recently about proof of rate of change and the statistics were alarming, from 2001, where we saw one major life changing event in 9/11 to 2020 where we saw at least 4 and economists predict by 2050 we may be dealing with 10 life changing events in a 12 month period.

VUCA is a cornerstone for most discussions around why businesses and leaders need to adopt a level of agility. In today's rapidly changing world we need techniques to sense, respond, adapt and learn quickly. In our training sessions we run a fun LEGO activity to illustrate the impacts of VUCA.

Hope this helps, Andy, and would love to hear from anyone else's experience and responses to VUCA.

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