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Agile is not the goal...

Thanks Angela from Singapore for today's question...

Hi Marcus, I'm looking for your guidance, I'm a senior leader in marketing working for a company who has been going through an agile transformation for over 2 years, for me I'm unclear on my role and how long this will go on for.

This question from Angela is not uncommon. We helped her with two things in our response, firstly as someone who works closely with customers, Angela should be substantially clearer on what journey her organisation is going on, and secondly agile is not the goal here!

The organisation should be working with stakeholders like Angela, as without the right education and support her role is overlooked in achieving customer centricity.

We see this story all too often, where one area of the business goes on an agile crusade without really factoring in those closest to their customers. The number one rule of true transformation is alignment. Within our role, we continually seek the vision and ensure everyone we work with has alignment with that vision. It's not easy, but it's the only way to ensure we stay on track and focused on the end goal.

We often joke about the 3 c's - communicate, communicate, communicate and what we're communicating is the true goal, agile is only the vehicle that might help us get there!

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