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Improve your team in one hour

minutewithmarcus - ✨aligning the team and continuously improving 🛠 thanks Theresa from Sydney for today's question;

"Hey Marcus, love your minute with marcus and was hoping you can help with my question?, we all know the last few months has been tough but as a team we seem a bit stuck. People show up but seem disengaged, our conversations seem to lack focus and although we’re all working hard we’ve lost our connection as a team anything you can suggest might help?"

I can fully understand Theresa, we're living in a strange world and it's easy for us to get caught up in the busyness. Our insights show we’re at a crossroads of digital acceleretion and employee fatigue so every one of us as leaders has a duty of care to support our teams and idme tidy new ways of working to support the change. I'd maybe start by asking the team at your next meeting how they're going and then ask how important it is to them that we find ways to be succesful and work smarter not harder how. I'd follow that by asking if we want to be successful could we all contribute one hour to finding ways for us to improve and help our engagement. step one complete! Well done Theresa!

From here you might find the picture above useful for your one hour session. It's one of our favourite tools @twenty2collective and I'm always amazed at what comes out in our sailboat sessions. With the meeting booked in We typically start by realigning on our team goals and just this conversation will naturally help a team by getting greater clarity on what really matters. We follow that with the "silent retro" understanding what's helped us towards goals and celebrating this as well as looking for the DNA that made us successful. Our final part of the session is looking at what's holding us back. This data allows your team to surface their challenges and for everyone to objectively look for solutions. Just make sure as a team we commit to implementing those ideas and the next time we meet to discuss our progress. We facilitated this session for a health organisation the other week, you can only imagine the pressure they have felt during covid but remarkably the session lifted spirits and engagement and the benefits could be seen within hours of the session. Remarkably the team have lifted in the week following and we’ve seen greater engagement, higher productivity and more work life balance so the results speak for themselves!

Theresa I really hope this helps you and would love to hear how it all goes for you but if you need anything further feel free to make use of our 30 minute complimentary coaching calls.

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