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Lockdown Effect: Why do we feel less effective?

I loved this question from Wendy and Sarah in Sydney and the follow up coaching session.

Hey Marcus, we really need your help, We’ve been working together as a team since February and really benefited from meeting face to face and using visuals on our office walls. Since the lockdown we’ve felt the struggle, meetings have lost the energy or are getting bounced and looking at Jira each meeting isn’t the same! Why do we feel less effective?

I really feel for you guys and, having experienced it last year, can definitely understand the lockdown effect. One aspect is simply the strain this is putting on peoples headspace. We need to be mindful that “are you ok?” is an important question right now.

Beyond this, here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Don’t forget the importance of personal connection at this time

  2. Revisit your team agreement

  3. Build up your remote facilitation skills (an essential in todays world)

  4. Look to develop a virtual team space using Miro or Mural (pictured)

  5. Run a team health retro

I offered Wendy and Sarah a 30 minute coaching session to help set them up, and it was great to get some positive feedback last week. If this would be useful to you during these times feel free to reach out.

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