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Retrospective: think, talk and collaborate

Today's question...

What’s your favourite retrospective format?

We love retro’s they’re one of our favourite meetings/events. We believe they are one of the secret ingredients for high performance. The application of this single event is so broad, we run a personal one every week through to facilitating sessions with HR and Procurement teams through to a mega retro with over 250 people online!

It’s one of those amazing times the team comes together and recognises all of the good things that have happened and celebrates it, but it also identifies the great opportunities for improvement.

If the retro has been run well, we have a clear action plan of tasks and owners to uplift our team performance. The team has had open space to think, talk and collaborate and their spirits are uplifted.

The photo in the header is one of our favourites, the timeline... (thanks to bikablo for the awesome visual idea).

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