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Story Time?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

#minutewithmarcus loved this question from Andrew in Sydney

“Hey Marcus can you help settle something for me, should we use working days to calculate story points when estimating?”

Well Andrew I’d love to see how well that works for you and your teams velocity at some point. Time and again I see teams fall into this common trap, we’re creatures of habit who maybe grew up in Gantt charts, but time is only one metric and when we’re dealing in complexity it’s not the best. Let’s think about some others please - size, risk, previous experience.

Yes, I know we might have been on that one training course that provides a guide which states a time reference, BUT if the content is taught correctly that reference is not to be applied outside the classroom. I was lucky to learn from Barbara Roberts when it comes to agile estimating so I’d encourage you to experiment and start a conversation with size over time when next looking at that story Andrew 😉 #agile #estimating #personaldevelopment #scrum

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