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That's not agile...

Thank you David from Sydney for today's question...

Marcus, I've recently taken on the role of sponsoring an agile team and am really struggling. They are clearly busy, but refuse to provide me with a status report. When I ask for an update I'm told that's not agile and I'm told how many story points they did last sprint. I've got an executive briefing next week and have no idea what to tell my board. Please can you offer me any advice.

Sadly we see this challenge happening all too often... It's the classic wrestle of old vs new when it comes to reporting, but I'm continually surprised when the pillars of scrum are transparency, inspection and adaption, yet this blocker occurs between teams and execs.

David, our response would be to ask the team for their roadmap, don't expect a schedule of activities, but you should expect a high level view of what outcomes by when.

Next, open up a conversation on benefits and risk. Traditional and agile delivery teams focus on these two regardless. Beyond this, you may want to consider an Agile Leadership course.

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