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The impact of lockdown...

The impact of lockdown

"What impact will lockdown have on our team?"

I was humbled to receive this call last week from 'Steve' in Sydney, he's given me permission to share whilst anonymising the name. Steve described what had been an exciting beginning to a new team exploring new ways of working through training and workshops in person and creating a "team room" where they had seen success, but was now limited by news of the most recent lockdown.

Whilst most of us have been doing the digital dance for the last 18 months - and if you've worked in global projects for most of your career this might seem second nature - but for newly forming agile teams this can be a testing time and it is also the greatest risk of slipping back to the comfort of email and text.

We had a great coaching conversation with some clear actions. My top 3 were:

  1. People - make the time for personal interactions extending meetings or establishing virtual coffees

  2. Process - a little more discipline is required remotely but it's totally possible

  3. Technology - there are some great collaboration tools out there, seek out what works for you

If your team is struggling in the lockdown, reach out to us - we'd be happy to help.

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