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The Megatrends in HR in 2024: Navigating the Latest HR Trends

Updated: Jan 14

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of Human Resources in 2024, it's crucial to stay abreast of the latest HR trends shaping our industry. Natal, a renowned HR pioneer, who is hosting a workshop with Twenty2 Collective on 28-29 July 2024, offered invaluable insights into these trends during an interview with Twenty2 Collective. Watch the video.

Understanding the Context

Natal begins by highlighting the significance of context in embracing HR trends. "Understand your own context and what is the problem to solve for your organisation," Natal advises. This approach is crucial in a world where new technologies and strategies emerge rapidly. It's not just about adopting new trends but understanding how they align with your organisation's specific challenges and goals.

The Rise of Digitalisation and AI

A key megatrend in HR is the relentless march of digitalisation, particularly the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into HR processes. Natal notes, "The priority for HR and people teams is to get their head around AI." This involves understanding AI's role in HR tech, how to use data effectively, and ensuring AI-driven processes are aligned with organisational goals. Natal sees AI as a positive force, capable of reducing burdensome processes and allowing HR professionals to focus on more complex problems and meaningful human connections.

Navigating AI with Caution

However, Natal warns of the dangers of blindly trusting technology. "Don't just give over to the tech," she cautions. HR teams need to act as copilots or editors, critically assessing AI outputs for biases and ensuring they align with the organisation's diversity, equity, and inclusion values. This critical approach to AI is vital in maintaining ethical and effective HR practices.

Addressing the Climate Emergency

Another significant trend is the response to the climate emergency. Following COP 28, the focus has shifted from net zero to transition. Natal suggests that HR has a role in guiding organisations through this transition, not just in terms of energy use but also in seizing competitive advantages through adaptive strategies.

From Jobs and Functions to Skills and Roles

A transformative trend Natal highlights is the shift from traditional job functions to a skills-based approach. "It's about understanding how to bring skills together to solve problems," she explains. This shift requires a rethinking of organisational design, allowing for more flexibility and agility in how skills are utilised across various roles and projects.

The Imperative of Business Agility

Finally, Natal touches on the megatrend of business agility. The focus here is not just on agile methodologies but on transforming the HR operating model itself. "We need a new collective, multifunctional, multidisciplinary way of delivering the employee experience," Natal asserts. This trend aligns closely with Agile principles, suggesting a significant crossover between Agile methodologies and HR practices.


As we look towards the future of HR in 2024, it's clear that the field is undergoing significant transformations. Natal's insights provide a roadmap for HR professionals to navigate these changes effectively. By understanding and adapting to these megatrends, HR teams can not only solve current organisational challenges but also lead their companies into a future marked by innovation, ethical practices, and sustainable growth.

Join Natal for an Insightful Workshop

Don't miss the opportunity to delve deeper into these HR trends with Natal herself. Join her for an Agile HR and Design Thinking workshop in Perth, on 28-29 February. This is your chance to engage directly with an HR pioneer and gain hands-on experience in applying these trends to your organisation. Register now for the Agile HR and Design Thinking Workshop.

Watch the interview

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