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Create a high-performing Scrum team and improve productivity within your organisation.

What is a Scrum Master? 

A Scrum Master helps to facilitate teams to work together and structure their work in an agile way.  

Scrum is a framework where teams work together. The name comes from the rugby term - everyone is "all in." 

It's often regarded as an agile project management framework which describes the tools used to connect teams. 

Our Scrum Master course

You'll get insights and strategies from decades of success training people to become high-performing Scrum Masters around the globe. 

If your organisation needs to resolve complex problems faster to ensure greater value is delivered in less time, then Scrum Master course is for you.


2 days of comprehensive training online or in-person

Scrum Master Certified (SMC™)  preparation.  


Online and In-Person (Perth)


Exam administered by SCRUMStudy and exam cost included.


 ONLY $1,195


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and content of the course. Facilitators are great, it was probably one of the best online trainings I went through

Manisha Barhate

Western Power

This was a fun, interactive, informative session that focused on application of agile/scrum methodologies. I would highly recommend this course.

Brooke Shaw

Roy Hill

Inside the Scrum Master curriculum

You will be guided on exactly how to steer teams and projects in the right direction.

Experience the first-hand impact of the Scrum framework and the Scrum Master role. 

We get hands-on with exercises and reviews of real-world - cross-industry - case studies. 

Candidates will gain an understanding of Agile values and principles and practical knowledge working with Product Backlogs, Sprint Backlogs, KanBan boards and Burndown charts.

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All preparation covered for the Scrum Master Certification exam.


Being Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) provides a competitive edge.