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Bikablo®: The magic to helping gain insights effortlessly

Twenty2 Collective had the pleasure of catching up with Global Trainer Marc Hundleby who explained his passion for the magic of Bikablo®.

Marc is proud to be a certified Bikablo® Visualisation Practitioner and is grateful that the work he does aligns with his passion for drawing.

"As a trainer, it is so rewarding to see people transform, right before your very eyes, in just two days! I know what it feels like, that was me almost five years ago!" he says.

Working as a Project Manager in a former life he would try to incorporate sketches into his work - people, arrows, objects, you name it but struggled as he kept getting caught up in drawing too much detail.

It wasn’t until he discovered Bikablo® through a chance mention from a client that his world changed.

After enrolling on the course, by the second day, he’d got the bug.

"Basically, the Bikablo® method shows you how to make drawing simpler. It's not at all about art; it's about using visuals to gain insights," he said. "It remains a visual, creative, and enjoyable experience, but it equips you with the means to piece it all together effortlessly. By the middle of my first day, I was completely captivated. I thought, 'This is exactly what I've been looking for!'"

What is Bikablo®?

Simply, Bikablo® helps get people from any profession on the same page through the power of the pen.

It unlocks an effective way of capturing organisational knowledge, optimising processes, developing more sustainable strategies and designing smarter products.

Most of all, Bikablo® brings joy and fun to work and a new level of collaboration.

Bikablo's effectiveness lies in its ability to simplify complex concepts, enhance clarity, engage audiences, save time, and empower individuals to communicate and innovate visually.

These qualities make it a valuable tool for improving communication and problem-solving in various settings.

“It was literally the glue that was needed to pull all the different parts of my working life together – drawing, facilitation, teaching and making human connections,” says Marc who is a certified Bikablo® Global Trainer.

Marc sees being a Visualisation Trainer as his way of making a positive impact in the corporate world and beyond."I have the opportunity to inspire my clients, and in return, they can bring about positive changes within their organisations. Kind of like a positive Trojan Horse. Corporations can be quite impersonal, and given the amount of time people spend at work, with Bikablo® there's a real opportunity to inject some joy and create a more fulfilling work environment. When you can make people smile and contribute to a workplace that's engaging and fun, it not only makes them happier at work but also in their personal lives. Ultimately, it has the potential to contribute to a happier world." Marc Hundleby, is the owner of Humble PM. *Images: The Humble PM.

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