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Agile Basecamp

The agile training solution to get you started. Learn the core foundations of Agile in a unique, interactive and engaging way.

Experience the Agile effect  

Agile is an umbrella term for a wide range of tools and frameworks that are underpinned by a completely different way of looking at projects, business, customers, and staff. Agile is a mindset shift, allowing teams to collaborate in new ways specific their context.

Our Agile Basecamp training

Experience an engaging, interactive, experiential learning experience. The Agile basecamp training delivers you real world situations and the opportunity to discuss or apply to your context.

Our training developed over several decades engage students through fun - giving you a comfortable and enriching learning experience.


Delivered in one-day, certification included.

Access to Twenty2 Collective Agile Alumni.


In-Person (Perth)


Engaging, interactive, experiential based on real world situations.


 ONLY $850.00


Very good at translating agile terminologies to normal terms for people who have never done an agile course,

Patrick Akang

Roy Hill

One of the best training sessions I've ever been to. The focus was putting the theory into practice in a very simplistic, relatable and fun way.

Tim Camli

Rio Tinto

Inside the Agile Basecamp curriculum

Learn exactly what agility and Agile is and the essential background you need to implement it.

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Core foundations

Created to get you up to speed on agile quickly

and effectively.


Real-world content

Hear about the real power of Agile in business today and its impact.


Implement learnings

 Gain key skills in business agility to deliver business value. 


Apply Agile yourself

Learn how to use the Agile values and apply them in your workplace.

Why the Agile Basecamp works

Our nationally-recognised Agile coaches have trained hundreds of students about the value of Scrum and Agile. If you are looking to learn or relearn the core foundations of Agile in a unique, interactive and engaging way then this course is unquestionably for you. 

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