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Roaring Success in the Lion City: Unveiling Team Topologies at Agile Singapore Meetup

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Andy Spamer provides a recap of his exciting journey to the vibrant city of Singapore for the Agile Singapore meetup. Get ready for tales of human bubble sorts, cross-cultural connections, culinary delights, and the exhilarating world of Team Topologies.

Diving into Diversity: A Human Bubble Sort

Picture this: a room filled with about 25 passionate individuals, all with a shared interest in agile methodologies. As the presenter, I decided to kick things off with a twist – a human bubble sort. Not only did it serve as an icebreaker, but it also turned out to be an incredible way for the attendees to get to know each other better.

Intriguingly, only around five attendees hailed from the sunny island of Singapore itself. The rest of the participants hailed from various corners of the globe – Asia, India, Europe, and the UK. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives in the room set the stage for a truly enriching experience.

Navigating Agile Complexity: Team Topologies Unveiled

The main event of the meetup revolved around the core theme – Team Topologies.

With the stage set and the diverse crowd engaged, I delved into the world of cognitive load, context switching, and the nuances of different team and interaction types.

The attendees were quick to grasp the concepts and engaged in insightful discussions, raising questions that showcased their eagerness to learn and adapt. Team Topologies are an organisational design framework that aims to improve the way teams work together and optimise for fast flow. Central to this is creating structures that help teams to minimise their cognitive load by establishing clear and

well-defined interaction patterns, reducing unnecessary dependencies, and fostering a culture of shared knowledge and continuous learning. The patterns are based on just four team types and three interaction types, and they can be implemented in an incremental manner through a process of experimentation and discovery. They are a great tool to help model your organisation, and set you up for success in a complex and evolving world.

Bridging Theory and Reality: An Incremental Case Study

The highlight of the session was an incremental case study, where I shared a real-life scenario of helping a global client implement the Team Topologies framework.

Attendees were taken on a journey of discovery as we explored the challenges faced and the ingenious solutions implemented.

This case study was not just theoretical – it was a bridge between the abstract and the practical, offering valuable insights for everyone in the room. The case study showed in detail how the Team Topology models were applied incrementally with small changes established over a period of around 18 months. The secret sauce is evolution over revolution.

The Delicious Details: Honour Singapore and Culinary Adventures

The success of the Agile Singapore meetup wouldn't have been possible without the generous sponsorship of Honour Singapore. They not only provided us with a fantastic venue but also ensured that no one went hungry by treating us to plenty of delicious pizzas. The touch of Singapore's culinary influence was evident as every pizza came with a tub of chili flakes, adding a spicy twist to our gathering.

A Sky-High Experience: The Tallest Hotel and Mesmerizing Views

Beyond the meetup, we embraced the wonders of Singapore. We found ourselves staying in Singapore's tallest hotel, nestled on the impressive 63rd floor. From this vantage point, we enjoyed breathtaking views of the CBD, the harbor, and the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. The cityscape unfolded before us, painting a vivid backdrop to our adventures.

Exploring Singapore's Rich Heritage

Our exploration continued with a river tour that revealed the city's captivating history. We wandered through world-class shopping malls that pepper the city, immersing ourselves in the vibrant retail culture. And, of course, we couldn't resist the allure of the city's famed hawker markets, where we indulged in delectable street food that is so characteristic of Singapore.

Michelin Magic: Street Food with a Starry Twist

Here's a fact that will surely amaze you: Singapore's dedication to culinary excellence is so profound that some of its street food stalls hold the prestigious Michelin star. It's a testament to the city's commitment to quality and innovation, transcending even the most casual dining experiences into unforgettable gourmet adventures.

A Future of Collaborative Learning and Unforgettable Memories

My journey to Singapore was nothing short of exhilarating, from the agile insights shared at the meetup to the cultural and culinary escapades that followed. The warmth and enthusiasm of the attendees and the dynamic experiences beyond the event itself left an indelible mark on my agile journey.

As I look forward to returning to this incredible city, I can't help but appreciate the collaborative spirit of learning that thrives in Singapore's agile community. Until our paths cross again in the world of agile exploration, keep embracing change, fostering connections, and savouring the spice of life. Singapore, you've truly captured my heart!

Want the learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about Team Topologies feel free to reach out for a chat. I’m happy to help with understanding the approach, and also Consulting to help implement the models in your organisation.

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