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The Power of Personas

Updated: May 19, 2021

Thank you Debbie from Brisbane for your #minutewithmarcus question about Personas. A persona is A fictional Character we create to help understand more about the people that will interact with our product or service. Originally Developed by Marketeers we now use personas in multiple scenarios, I tend to find a good rule of thumb is 3-5 varying personas for the type of work I do and by placing a timebox on the persona development and an emergent approach of adding and refining that persona as we go makes this a really efficient and effective way of getting to know those we are solving for. this particular example is very special as a persona for a diversity and inclusion program (Sorry I can’t take any credit for the drawing this time!), the Team had a good deal of complexity to deal with bit The power of a 10 minute timebox generated some incredible insights, alignment and empathy for our employee. In our training we use Playmobil as well to help articulate the personas. hope this helps Debbie.

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