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What is a working agreement?

Thanks Helen in Sydney who asked...

What is meant by a working agreement?

The working agreement is an agreed upon set of norms, practices, and policies that establish how team members work together.

It’s also one of our favourite tools, that shouldn't be overlooked. We use working agreements from workshops to training to coaching, in fact any time a group of people come together could constitute a working agreement. The highest performance teams review them!

We were amazed at how many teams shifted to remote working in 2020 without reviewing their working agreements, and then as things started to open up equally returned back to the office without a discussion on "how" we might work together. As Australia balances on the edge of this VUCA world of lockdown or not, we'd encourage each of our followers to take an hour with your team to consider how you might best work together - regardless of locations.

If this #minutewithmarcus has enlightened you today, reach out with your question or book a complimentary 30 minute coaching session over a virtual coffee.

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