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Adaptive Organisations

Learn how to optimise team dynamics, minimise cognitive load, and prevent burnout, all while driving employee engagement and maximising performance.

Thriving in a Complex World

Unlock Organisational Success


Equip yourself with the essential skills and strategies to navigate the ever-changing business environment.  Learn how to design adaptive organisational structures, foster employee engagement, and prevent burnout. 

Drive Productivity, Collaboration, and Innovation

This one-day workshop, equips you with the practical tools and strategies needed to excel in today's dynamic business environment. 

You'll learn how to optimise team dynamics, minimise cognitive load and prevent burnout.

Get ready to take your leadership to the next leave and drive transformational change.


Exclusive to Twenty2 Collective, One day of exceptional leadership content.


Delivered in Perth


8 distinct learning modules focused on unlocking organisational success.


 ONLY $995.00

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  • Avoid burnout in your team

  • Too many employees are struggling with workload pressures

  • 5 essential tips to use in your team today

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Adaptive Organisations

The Adaptive Organisation Overview

Section 1: Adaptation in Organisations - VUCA and the Pace of Change​

Section 2: Example Organisational Structures​

Section 3: Laloux Culture Model​

Section 4: Mintzberg's Structure of Sevens​

Section 5: Dunbar's Number and Team Sizes​

Section 6: Cognitive Load and Context Switching​

Section 7: Conway's Law and Team Structures

Section 8: Team Topologies - Types and Interaction

Build High-Performance Teams

The Adaptive Organisations workshop takes place in 8 powerful and interactive sessions over one day. 

It's focused on:

  • building organisational resilience

  • and optimising team structures for effective communication and collaboration. 


Adaptive Organisations

Meet your Adaptive Organisation
journey coach

Andy is an experienced Agile Transformation Coach and Delivery Lead. He has a strong background in both traditional project leadership and Agile scaling frameworks, and has led the introduction of technology programs including software, infrastructure, managed services, and business change on a global level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

This training is suited to Business Leaders, HR and organisational development professionals, Project Managers and Team Leaders. 

What can I expect to learn?

This interactive course equips you with practical tools and strategies to excel in today's dynamic business environment, revolutionise your organisation, and thrive amidst change.

What does the workshop involve?

Discover practical strategies in our workshop—real-world techniques for immediate implementation.


Take a comprehensive approach to organisational improvement—covering key topics like structures, dynamics, engagement, and stress management—for a thriving organisation.

Benefit from expert guidance—an Agile change practitioner leading practical discussions, providing valuable insights to overcome challenges and drive positive change.


Stay current with the latest trends—constantly updated content—learn relevant approaches to enhance performance and thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

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