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Developing agile leaders and organisations 

Attend an exclusive two-day workshop in Perth on May 15-16, 2023 with Agile Leadership Journey™ founder Pete Behrens.

Building better leaders through agility

Organisations mirror their leaders.


Organisational agility requires leadership agility, and scaling agile ways of working across an organisation requires agile thinking and behaviours across its leadership network.

Developing leaders of the future

In an Australian first, Pete's two-day Agility in Leadership workshop, co-hosted with our very own Marcus Ward, inspires and catalyses leaders towards a journey of growth. 


You'll learn how to improve business outcomes and organisational health.

Book now: Limited to 20 places. 

About Pete Behrens

Pete Behrens is one of the brightest minds in the industry.  Pete is a leadership coach and founder of the Agile Leadership Journey, an organisation, curriculum, and global  community devoted to improving leaders and their organisations.


Exclusive to Twenty2 Collective, Two days of exceptional agile leadership content.


Delivered in person by Pete Behrens and Marcus Ward, May 15-16 2023. 


12 distinct learning modules focused on developing agile leaders and awareness of organisational culture.


 ONLY $1960.00


Free EBook

  • Learn the mistakes you might be making as a leader 

  • How you can address those missteps with agile leadership methods

  • Enhance your awareness and sharpen your leadership skills.

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The key problems organisations are facing

Pete introduces the Agile Leadership Journey and provides some background of what's coming up in Perth on May 15-16.